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Crystal Brackett
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There are bootleg superhero toys, which are funny, and then there are WTF-that's-awkward superhero toys, which should just not exist. Compiled here are all the weird superhero merchandise that you won't believe were actually produced. The companies that branded these products really need to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer and reevaluate what the hell they were thinking when they approved the items. 

These awkward superhero products that look like scandalous sex-ed tools will make you wonder what goes on in the minds of the men and women who made them. Who in their right mind would think that attaching a vibrator to a Spider-Man shirt is a great idea? Or that Wonder Woman scissors where her legs split in a spread-eagle fashion would make money? The products will make comic fans hilariously uncomfortable. Check out the awkward items below and vote up the most messed up "kids" toys. 

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