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13 People Who Work In Surveillance Describe The Creepiest Things They’ve Seen On Video

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The world is a spooky place filled to the brim with terrifying jobs. Take security workers; these people are responsible for keeping people and locations safe from all kinds of threats, both mortal and macabre. While this often boils down to petty offenses caught on surveillance cameras, guards can also be tasked with monitering scary surveillance videos that seem to bend the rules of reality. 

With the rising popularity of surveillance equipment - from dash cams in cars to electronic doorbells that show you who is at the door - it's never been easier to keep an eye on places from afar. With all that footage, there's bound to be more than a few creepy surveilance videos out there, and some brave souls on Reddit have stepped up to detail their most chilling stories. 

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    A Ghost Asking For Directions

    From Redditor /u/DrBasia:

    Work as a doctor in a hospital in the UK, was on a night shift that was particularly quiet and some of the nurses were sitting around telling this story:

    A young doctor was running to a crash call. Our hospital is a giant L shape, with the front entrance being at the bend. A woman stopped him and asked him which way the exit was. He directed her and kept running. When he got to the patient, it was the woman who asked him for directions. She [passed on].

    Apparently it got caught on the CCTV — that that doctor stopped mid-running down the hallway, and gestured toward the exit while saying something to no one in particular.

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    A Heavy Morgue Door That Won’t Stay Shut

    From Redditor /u/LilithImmaculate:

    Used to work hospital security and we had video cameras accessible in the office.

    During body escorts, we kept finding the morgue door open. That was weird because it was a heavy door that could only be opened with a keycard. Pathologists were blaming security and security was blaming pathologists for leaving it open, as we were the only two groups with access. I did a body escort one day, made sure to close the door behind me and went back to work. Not even a half hour later, the office got a call [complaining] the “last guard left the door open.”

    I swore up and down I didn’t and went to check the cameras. The cameras showed me pulling the door shut, pushing on it and then wiggling the locked handle to ensure it was closed. I wasn’t even out of frame from the camera yet before we could see the door swing ALL the way open, hit the wall and then slowly swing shut until it was slightly ajar.

    Still dunno what the f*ck

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    People Disappearing Into The Basement

    From Redditor /u/planet__express:

    This happened a few years before I started working at my current job. The elevators in my building go down to the first and second basement. Late one night, one of our security guards spots a group of people heading into the elevator at Level 4. He thinks it’s curious because nobody is supposed to be in the building after midnight, so he keeps a close watch on all the lobby cameras to see which floor the group alights at.

    The doors open at Basement Two, but nobody comes out. The second guard scurries down to the elevator doors while the first guard keeps his eye on the cameras to make sure no one has left. When the second guard gets to the basement elevator, he looks puzzled and searches around. He comes back to the guard station to confirm that it’s empty.

    Putting the building on lockdown, the two guards spend the rest of the night combing the building together but they were unable to find anyone or anything. They decide to call the police, who review the footage and see the same thing. In the end, the sighting was still unexplained but my workplace decided to stop being cheap and install security cameras in the elevators too.

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    The Creepy Hotel

    From Redditor /u/BurberryCustardbath:

    I used to work overnights at a hotel, and would monitor the security cameras. They would detect motion and a little indicator would blink when motion was… well, detected. Anyway, it always gave me the creeps when I’d hear the elevator ding… I’d run out to the lobby to great the guest to make sure they didn’t need something or whatever, and nobody would get off the elevator. I’d watch the tapes and see the motion indicator blinking on a floor, then see the elevator open on that floor, then see the elevator open on the ground floor and the motion indicator blink on the camera down the hall. Gave me the heeby jeebies.

    Also one time I was in my office in the middle of the night and it sounded like someone banged on the door with the side of their fist. Just one single SLAM. You can see me reacting to it on the video - my head whipped to face the door where the sound came from, then immediately whipped around to stare at the camera to see who the f*ck was outside my door. There was nobody there, and none of the motion sensors had picked up anything. Not fun finishing the rest of that shift.

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