Weird History The Most Bizarre Things Found In Pharaohs' Tombs  

Rebecca High

If you could take three things with you into the afterlife, what would they be? This video explores some of the most bizarre burial choices of ancient Egyptian pharaohs - the ones notorious for elaborate mummification in preparation for life beyond death.

Ancient Egyptians pioneered the embalming process as early as 2600 BCE in part because of their great belief in an afterlife and a person's need to be prepared for it. 

In addition to turning a deceased person into a mummy, the ancient Egyptian culture in particular buried their dead with gifts for the gods and supplies they could use in the underworld. Royalty were buried in the infamous pyramid tombs, and excavations centuries later have uncovered some surprising artifacts.

Apparently, some pharaohs were buried with jars full of organs. And that's not even the strangest thing. For some of the most fascinating finds, watch this video.