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The Outrageous Length Of A Woodpecker's Tongue Reveals It To Be For Much More Than Taste Alone

Updated 20 May 2020 3.4k views12 items

Woodpeckers are among nature's strangest birds, and not just because they spend their days ramming their faces into trees. These birds, found commonly throughout the world, hide extraordinary anatomical features that make them stand out among their flying brethren. 

Woodpeckers are a highly adapted bird species with skulls, brains, tongues, feet, and tails all uniquely honed for a life of drumming bark. Every aspect of a woodpecker's physiology evolved for a life of constant pecking, from its toes to its tongue. In fact, woodpeckers have what may be the most bizarre tongues in the animal kingdom, and the organs serve a variety of life-saving functions.

It turns out there are tons of little-known facts about woodpeckers' tongues — as well as their other wild features — that make the creatures seem more like cartoon caricatures than elements of nature. Woodpeckers are as amazing as they are strange, and will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about these astounding birds. 

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