Black Celebs Who Know How to Werk the Natural Hair Look

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As every naturalista knows, it’s important to have inspiration out there as we get deeper and deeper into our natural hair journey. It can be rough going natural, especially when you don’t have anyone to look up to. Natural hair bloggers and websites for women with natural hair are all important tools for the woman who is just starting to embrace her natural hair.

It is also just as important to have natural haired black celebrities to look to. Black women are hard to find in Hollywood, and Black women who love their natural hair are even harder to find. So when we find a woman out there who wants to flaunt her natural locks, it’s important that we celebrate her instead of putting her down.

These gorgeous ladies have embraced their natural hair and know exactly how to rock their look!
From voluminous afros to TWAs, to locks, updos, tapered fros, and twists, Black Hollywood not only shows that you can wear your natural hair out, but that you can do it and look absolutely gorgeous while doing it.

The natural hair movement is about embracing who you were created to be and being comfortable in your own skin, so let’s celebrate these Black celebrities for accepting who they are. Let’s celebrate them for sending out the invitation for all of us to be who we were meant to be as well.

Now, this is an open list, so if you can think of any Black celebrities who have ditched the hot comb and the creamy crack and decided to wear their type 4 hair in the texture that grows from their scalp then feel free to add them to the list!

  • Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    "I actually love my natural hair when it's in a twist out and it's been slept on for five days and revived by the steam of the shower." -Solange Knowles 
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  • Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    "I had to confront my fears and master my every demonic thought about inferiority, insecurity, or the fear of being black, young, and gifted in this Western culture." -Lauryn Hill
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  • "Even though I grew up with the image of my mother wearing her hair that way, I hadn’t really seen it elsewhere, so it still has taken courage to wear my hair natural and not feel the pressure to straighten it. I’m loving the natural hair movement. It’s really encouraging and is expanding the definition of beauty."-Tracee Ellis Ross
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    Brandy Norwood

    "I really like my hair curly and big. I love the way big hair looks on me."-Brandy Norwood
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