30 Hilarious 'Black Clover' Memes About The Black Bull Squad

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The Black Bulls don't exactly have the best reputation among the other Magic Knights. Although they are known as the “worst” squad in the organization, there's no doubt they're one of the favorites within the Black Clover fandom. 

Since the Black Bull squad consists of so many different personalities, hilarity is bound to ensue among its members. How can anyone hate such a rambunctious bunch of characters? Fans have come up with some hilarious memes that show how wild this group of Magic Knights can be.

Here's a list of funny memes specifically about the Black Bulls. Whether it's about Yami's constant battles with the toilet or Noelle's undeniable crush on Asta, there's a meme here for everyone. Vote up the ones that made you laugh the most!

Photo: Wattpad / Tumblr