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Which 'Black Clover' Character Would You Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Black Clover is known for having a wide variety of characters, all with their own unique traits that make them memorable. Each one is just as relatable as the next, or perhaps we're thinking more absurd considering all the shenanigans they get up to. Could you imagine which each character would be if they were to represent the twelve signs of the zodiac wheel? With passionate leaders who are definitely fire signs, such as Yami and Mereoleona, to cool and collected characters like Sister Lily or Charlotte, there are so many great fits. 

We've narrowed down this hefty list to the ultimate twelve. Which character are you according to your zodiac sign?

  • Aries (March 21 - April 19): Yami Sukehiro

    Yami may look too laid back to care, but there is definitely such a thing as a lazy Aries. When Yami gets fired up, or his team of misfits is acting up, you can definitely see the kind of temper that's associated with this fire sign. Aries are also well-known for being exceptionally confident, a department that this character has never had a problem with. It takes a lot of guts to come from another world filled with magic and work your way up to becoming a magic knight yourself. Determination is definitely something Yami has, even if it doesn't show. 

    Aries can also command a lot of respect and maybe even a little bit of fear. Seeing the interactions between Yami and his subordinates, you can see that they love and respect him while also knowing just how strong he is. If there's anything the Black Bulls captain wants, he's definitely going to get it. 

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Asta

    The beloved leading character of the show, Asta is a boisterous character with large dreams. Admittedly, there are a lot of Taurus traits that Asta may not seem like he fits; patience being the biggest virtue. Taurus are known for being stable and practical, two things Asta seems to almost never be on the outside as he rushes into battle without a second thought. However, Asta does have patience when it comes to his friends and even foes. Even when a battle is getting tough and his comrades are begging him to end a battle, he never gives up on trying to change his opponent's mind and choose another path. 

    It's this kind of uncompromising stubbornness and devotion that makes Asta a definite Taurus. Surely he's a little more rambunctious than your average Taurus, it's clear that being a bull was in the stars for Asta.

  • Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Noelle Silva

    Gemini get a bad reputation for being two-faced, but in reality, it's just two personalities that create one great person. In Noelle's case, however, it seems to have just made a tsundere. It's clear to see where her personality splits as she struggles with her feelings towards Asta; on the outside, she acts as though she hates him despite clearly liking him. Outside of her romantic life, Noelle also has two very different sides that show the aristocrat she was born as and the outcast she became. While she still likes to act noble, she knows more than anyone that she belongs with the Black Bulls. 

    Noelle's weaknesses pair well with Gemini's, since there is an issue with being indecisive and nervous. This is an understandable trait considering her experience with controlling her powers. It does seem like the other Gemini trait of being able to learn quickly is applying to Noelle as her team takes the time to help her control her powers. When it comes to conflicting personalities, Noelle is Black Clover's queen. 

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Fanzell Kruger

    As the person who trained Asta, Fanzell has to be a loving, accepting teacher. Thankfully, those traits work perfectly with Cancer! Fanzell is clearly a very emotional educator who only wants the best for his students. After leaving the Diamond Kingdom with his fiance, he made sure to also rescue several of his students. Of course, some were left behind, leaving a large scar over Fanzell's heart. 

    While we've never seen a lot of dark flaws when it comes to Fanzell, other than his odd ability to constantly lose his clothes, he seems to match up best with Cancer. Even when he thought Dominante had been taken back to the Diamond Kingdom, or worse, he still stays loyal to her, believing that one day she would return to him. If this isn't a Cancer trait, we don't know what is.