The Greatest Black Female Musicians

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If you're an audiophile, chances are you own albums by many of the women on this list. These are the greatest Black female musicians of all time, as voted on by you and your fellow music fans. But what genre should reign supreme? Some famous Black female musicians sing the blues while other top Black woman musicians are pop superstars. Many of the best Black female musicians have topped the charts time and time again.

What artists will you find on this list of the best Black female musicians? Maybe Tina Turner is your pick for number one. By combining R&B, rock, soul, pop, the blues, and her infectious energy, Turner has earned a reputation as a truly incredible live performer. Alicia Keys is another talented African-American female musician who specializes in blending genres. Perhaps the most innovative musician of modern times – regardless of race or gender – is Beyonce. The pop icon continues to explore new musical territory with every album. Other talented performers featured on this list include Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, and Missy Elliott.

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