The Worst Black Friday Violence Horror Stories

From fistfights to pepper spray and the wildness of the crowd, the worst Black Friday stories are also the most memorable - and unforgettable, thanks to all those Black Friday videos. The standard consumer shopping experience continues to change, going more digital, taking advantage of tiered sales over a "Black Friday Week” or reaping the benefits of Cyber Monday. Even so, the old fashioned physical Black Friday frenzy has come as much a part of the modern holiday season as the Elf On The Shelf, inflatable holiday lawn ornaments, and children putting their wishlist for Santa on Amazon.

Many Black Friday fights are directly about sales, the endless lines, and getting those doorbuster deals. However, just as many incidents cannot be traced directly to shopping and seem to stem from the stress of the season, the temptation of savings, and a reaction to the crowded stores. Whatever the reason, Black Friday incidents remain at the forefront of the news each season, reminding us of old altercations while also reporting the newest Black Friday mayhem.

And so, in honor of the busiest shopping day of the year, here's a roundup of stories about Black Friday incidents that should pretty much convince everyone to stay out of a busy shopper's way this year. Especially if you're partaking in Walmart Black Fridays, just statistically.

  • Target Shoppers Step Over Dying Man

    Walter Vance was shopping at a West Virginia Target store during Black Friday when he collapsed. The 61-year-old pharmacist had already been dealing with a heart condition, but the chaos of Black Friday did not help.

    When he fell to the ground, countless customers did absolutely nothing. In fact, they walked around him on their way to find bargains. Vance was brought to the hospital later, where he passed.

  • Tennessee Transgender Woman Assaulted At Kohl's

    In Jackson, Tennessee, the day after Thanksgiving 2012 was intense for Akasha Adonis. The transgender woman and her mom were assaulted by other shoppers as soon as store personnel unlocked the doors to a Kohl's Department Store.

    Adonis and another woman were hit by an assailant who pulled out her hair. Most disgustingly, the suspect put his hand in her mouth and tore three teeth out of her head, breaking her jaw. As Adonis laid on the floor, Kohl's staff reportedly greeted other shoppers until a woman called the police.

  • Bargain Shoppers Send 11-Year-Old To Hospital

    For some Black Friday shoppers, a bargain may be worth trampling an 11-year-old girl. In 2013, Black Friday at a New Boston Walmart became a nightmare shopping event thanks to out-of-control customers. Although HIPAA laws prohibit the release of the child's name, it was confirmed that an 11-year-old female was trampled at the scene. 

    The injuries landed her in the hospital, where she was transported and later released. Luckily, the police were quick to respond, as the first call of a trampled child at Walmart came in at 7:56 p.m., and they were on the scene by 8:01.

  • Old Woman Trampled

    It seems like the saga of the madness trying to just get into a store will never end. On Black Friday in 2005, the people who waited in lines for hours at a Florida BrandSmart instinctively formed a frenzied group mentality once the store opened and used the force of a hundred people to push themselves into the store en masse.

    In the rush, there was no mercy shown, not even towards senior citizens. One 73-year-old woman claims she was knocked down and stepped on again and again and there was nothing her daughter could do to help. 


  • Black Friday Shoppers Trample Girl

    Welcome to Muskegon, where every Black Friday the locals swarm stores in stampedes. Evidently, it doesn't matter who is in your way - even a teenage girl in a Walmart could fall victim to the shopping madness.

    On Black Friday 2011, a Walmart SuperCenter became a scene of minor injuries for just such a teenage girl. While there were rumors that she had been attacked, the truth was that she was knocked over by people rushing to an electronic department sale and then stepped on her repeatedly . She was taken to the hospital.

  • Pregnant Woman Miscarried

    This particular incident occurred at the same place where a Walmart worker was slain, making the 2008 shopping season a historical danger zone in that area.

    The eight-months-pregnant woman was most likely waiting to buy supplies for her baby-to-be. Instead, she reportedly miscarried. This incident stemmed from the same press of people that knocked the department store's doors off of their hinges.