space A Black Hole Was Simulated In A Bathtub And It Looks Out Of This World  

Mick Jacobs

Most people tend to reserve their bathtub for bathing, but a group of scientists decided to use a tub to create a black hole. In the video below, researchers managed to simulate a black hole in a bathtub. The result looks quite dazzling.

The experiment tested the theory of super-radiance, a concept which posits that waves passing through a black hole emerge from it charged by the hole's energy. By using a little bathwater and some colorful lights, these researchers proved a theory that existed only as an idea for decades.

This marks the first time the super-radiance theory ever got formally tested, and scientists found themselves pleased by the results. Hopefully, this experiment will lead to new discoveries about the nature of black holes.

Watch the experiment unfold in the video below. What you witness is a process that's affected galaxies long before you ever came to be and will continue to affect them long after you've gone.