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Creepy Stories and Theories About the Black Knight Satellite

Updated 10 Oct 2019 755.4k views16 items

Black Knight satellite conspiracy theories are so juicy you wanna believe them. From ancient civilizations to alien technology, the source material is too good to be denied. Nikola Tesla is even involved. Everything connected to Tesla is too good to be true, including David Bowie’s portrayal of him in Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige. Wait, and didn't Nolan also direct The Dark Knight? Doesn't that sound a lot like Black Knight? There's another conspiracy for you right there. 

The mythology of the Black Knight satellite is so dense and thorny critics dismissed it as a collection of unrelated tales. But if you look hard enough, it all fits together. So what is the Black Knight satellite? That's the easy bit to explain - it's an alien satellite that's supposedly been orbiting Earth for about 13,000 years. This list takes you through Black Knight satellite theories one by one, connecting the missing pieces. 

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