Graveyard Shift

Ghosts And Hauntings Connected To The Black Plague

The oozing sores. The black spots. The staggeringly high number of fatalities. Any paranormal enthusiasts will tell you that trauma causes spirits to linger on Earth - and few episodes in history were as traumatic as the years of the black death. The horrific disease swept through Asia and Europe in the 14th century, felling as many as 200 million people along the way. It's no wonder that black plague ghost stories are still shared in hushed whispers.

Any brave souls seeking haunted black plague locations don't have to look far. Churches, tunnels, and even entire towns where people perished are rumored to bear the paranormal mark of the disease. And the spirits themselves aren't exactly secretive - ghosts from this time supposedly often appear frightened, weeping, and wailing. Visitors to notorious sites, like the island of Poveglia, report how they can feel the pain of the past. These stories are a tragic reminder of that dark time.