Graveyard Shift

The True Story Of Black Sabbath's Real (And Fake) Relationship With Satan

Black Sabbath isn’t just the first heavy metal band, they’re also the group that brought Satanism and the occult into the world of mainstream music. But did Black Sabbath worship the Devil, or were they just flirting with Satanism? The best Black Sabbath albums are arguably the records where Black Sabbath's ties to Satan are on full display, but did they ever really get into the occult? Were all those upside-down crosses and songs about Satan just for record sales? Black Sabbath and Satan definitely had a mutually beneficial relationship, but it's tricky to determine whether or not everyone was just doing it for the money.

Regardless of whether or not the guys in Black Sabbath are actually dyed-in-the-wool Satanists, their songs still rock decades after they were recorded. Black Sabbath was one of the first groups to use controversy to sell albums. As for whether or not they delved into Satanism, it's best to hear the facts from the band itself.