Twitter Black Twitter Captures What It Was Like #GrowingUpBlack  

Damon Davis
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No matter what town you lived in or how much money your parents made, growing up Black meant experiencing some weird and hilarious stuff that could never happen in a different kind of household. Thanks to the brilliant minds on Black Twitter, we all get to relive those moments with the hashtag #growingupblack, where people are sharing all of their best memories of being brought up in an African American household. Whether you grew up Black and proud or only wish you did, the best of #growingupblack will definitely make you laugh.

We’ve put together a collection of some of the top funny black tweets about growing up. So get ready to take a ride back to the days when you and your cousins used to get together to watch TV at Granny’s house… unless it was storming outside and you had to turn off every electrical appliance in the place. We’ve got everything from happy memories (like how everyone in your house knew that Kool-Aid required half a bag of sugar) to not-so-great ones (like when your mom tried to wash your hair in the sink).

From the good to the bad to the just plain true, will remind you of some of your favorite reasons you were blessed to grow up Black. 
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The Dreaded Sink Shower

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