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“Blackhat” movie quotes follow the code when authorities and one convicted hacker chase down a cyber criminal. The action thriller was directed by Michael Mann using a screenplay he co-wrote with Morgan Davis Foehl. “Blackhat” opened in theaters on January 16, 2015.

In “Blackhat,” special agents Henry Pollack (John Ortiz), Carol Barnett (Viola Davis) and Chen Dawai (Wang Leehom) learn that a hacker has targeted a number of financial institutions and is primed to do more damage. They don’t know, however, where he will hit next or why he is going after the targets he hits. So in order to catch the hacker, they enlist the help of another in the business, convinced cyber criminal Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth).

Nicolas agrees to join them, in exchange for his 15-year prison sentence being commuted, and digs into the code. What Nicolas learns is that the hacker, Gary Baker (Spencer Garrett), has yet to hit his true target. This sends Nicholas on a journey to find Gary and stop him before he does severe damage across the world.

“Blackhat” brings the action to theaters already packed with films such as ”Taken 3,” ”Predestination,” ”A Most Violent Year,” ”The Interview,” ”Unbroken,” ”American Sniper,” ”Into the Woods,” ”Big Eyes,” ”The Gambler,” ”The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” ”Annie,” ”Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,” ”Mr. Turner,” "Life Partners," "Comet," "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1," and "Horrible Bosses 2.

We Need a Man Named Hathaway

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Henry Pollack: “Some hacker is hitting our financial markets.”
Carol Barrett: “Four major banks, and that’s just what we know about?”
Chen Dawai: “If we want clues to the hacker’s identity, we need a man named Hathaway.”
Henry Pollack: “What do we know about this guy?”
Chen Dawai: “He’s a convicted hacker serving 15 years, MIT, genius coder…”

As the special agents discuss the current hacking attack that is underway, Chen has one idea on how they can battle it. They need to get a hacker on their own side and Chen knows just the guy to do it.
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This Isn't a Negotiation

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Nicholas Hathaway: “If you want my assistance, I want you to commute my sentence for identification and apprehension of the guy you are after. Those are the terms. Do you have any idea how much progress you’re going to make on a strike this complex without someone like me? Zero.”
Frank: “This isn’t a negotiation.”
Nicholas Hathaway: “Well I just made it one.”

When Nicholas is approached to help take down a fellow hacker, he lays out the terms of the agreement to Frank. While Frank wasn’t really there to make such deals or negotiate, Nicholas has the power leveraged his way and he knows it.
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The Moment You Connect, You Lose Control

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Gary Baker: “The moment you connect, you lose control. This isn't about money. This isn't about politics. I can target anyone, anything, anywhere. No fingerprints, no trace, no mercy.”

Hacker Gary explains a few reasons why he is not hacking major world systems. It’s not about politics or money. It’s about control and he has that control.
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If I Can Get Close Enough Fast Enough

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Nicholas Hathaway: “A guy this dangerous, it’s all about if I can get close enough fast enough.”

While Nicholas isn’t quite special forces, he believes he can catch the hacker. Doing so, however, will take tracking him down in person, something perhaps best left to special forces.
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