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Beautiful Photos of the Newest Trend: Blackout Tattoos

Just in case you haven't gotten the memo yet on the newest trend in the world of tattoos, these days a stunning style called blackout tattoos are all the rage. What exactly is a blackout tattoo? Well, as the name implies, they’re basically solid black tattoos that use things like negative space or intricate geometric shapes to creative an often unreal looking design. As you’ll see from the examples below, the average blackout tattoo looks…. painful, but also pretty cool if you can get over the idea of your skin spending that much time with a needle.

Whether you’re looking for blackout tattoo ideas for yourself or just want to marvel at the work inked on people who were brave enough to take the plunge, you definitely won’t be disappointed with this list. These are some of the most incredible examples of blackout tats and geometric tattoos you'll ever see, including photos from top tattoo artists like Roxx, Tomas Tomas, and Hanumantra Lamar who have revolutionized the style.

As you’ll see, the blackout tattoo is not only a killer way to cover up mistakes of drunken tattoo sessions past, but has also become a killer looking style in and of itself.
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    Who Needs Panty Hose When You Can Rock This Bad Boy?

    Photo: Roxx
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    This Incredibly Intricate Back Piece Inspired by Ancient Sacred Tribal Markings

    Photo: oddtattooer / via Instragram
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    Insane Detail

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    Literally a Walking Masterpiece

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