The Best Outfits Worn By Blackpink's Lisa

One of the taller female idols, Lisa's style accentuates her long legs. Here are the best Lisa outfits of all time, ranked by Blinks everywhere. From her amazing dance moves to her impressive rap skills, Blackpink's maknae (youngest member) never stops serving us looks on her Instagram.

Given that she's endorsed for plenty of high-end fashion brands including Celine, we're not surprised Lisa looks flawless in any kind of clothes. However, that makes it so hard when we're ranking her most memorable outfits. Check out Lisa's most popular outfits featured in music videos, concerts, fashion shows, and Coachella, and vote up your favorites!

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    Mission Impossible

    Where we saw it: "Kill This Love" Music Video

    Why we love it: Lisa is ready to star in her own action film with this Tomb Raider-inspired look. From the blazer to the garter straps, we love this all-black outfit that makes her look like a total boss.

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    Coachella 2.0

    Where we saw it: Coachella 2019 Weekend 2

    Why we love it: While Lisa's second Coachella costume has less rhinestones than the first, this one's still got plenty of glam and glitz. The intricate design and jewel embellishments on her top makes her look like K-pop royalty. 

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    Desert Jewel

    Where we saw it: Coachella 2019 Weekend 1

    Why we love it: This bedazzled two piece makes Lisa look like a desert jewel. Her stunning outfit had fans in a frenzy when Blackpink made their first Coachella debut.

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    À La Mode

    Where we saw it: Lisa's Instagram

    Why we love it: Is this Blackpink's Lisa or a film star from the French New Wave? We can totally picture her walking down the cobbled streets of Paris in this adorable romper and beret.