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14 Things You Didn't Know About Blade From The Comics

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We love Wesley Snipes's Blade and are looking forward to Mahershala Ali's take on the character - but what do you know about Marvel Comics' Blade? After all, the character has been around since the 1970s, which means there is close to a half-century of comic book lore surrounding this vampire hunter. How confident are you that you know everything there is to know about Eric Brooks

Were you aware he was just a normal human in the beginning? Or that he used to run around with funky green glasses and wooden knives? Did you know he was born in the 1920s and was raised in a cathouse? Are you shocked to learn a drug-addicted trumpet player taught him how to hunt vampires? If just one of these facts piqued your interest, there are plenty more waiting for you. So get ready to hide from the sun and suck some blood - we're rolling through some interesting things you didn't know about Blade!

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    Blade Was Raised In A London Brothel In The 1920s

    Did you know Blade was born in 1922? We're willing to bet you didn't know the famous vampire hunter is that old. The guy's powerset includes an abnormally long lifespan, so he'll probably be young and spry as long as Marvel finds his stories to be profitable. But his long life isn't the most interesting part of this story.

    After his mother was slain by a vampire while giving birth to him, Blade ended up being raised by the women of Madame Vanity's cathouse in London, England. We're not sure a cathouse is the kind of place an impressionable child should be hanging out, but we do suppose it's better than being orphaned on the street. And he turned out alright in the end... well, as alright as was humanly possible.

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    Blade Didn't Have Superpowers When He First Appeared

    When Blade made his first appearance in 1973's Tomb of Dracula #10, he was just your average human being with a penchant for vampire hunting and wooden knives. Oh, and he rocked some seriously stylish green glasses as well as a large trenchcoat. Because it was the 1970s and fashion was bonkers.

    The Eric Brooks we know and love nowadays didn't really come about until after Wesley Snipes turned the character into box-office gold. Much like Tony Stark changed in the comics after Robert Downey Jr. came around, Blade's entire character was altered to fit the image of the movies. Blade may essentially be a badass superhero now, but never forget he was just a Van Helsing-style human on a mission for years prior. 

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    Blade Has A Healing Ability Just Short Of Wolverine's

    You know how characters like Wolverine and Deadpool can heal from pretty much any injury? Yeah, Blade is like that, too. Okay, maybe Blade isn't that regenerative, but he does come close.

    Bullet wounds? No problem. Knife slashes? Oh, please. When you start cutting off limbs, though, Blade's healing power starts to get a little iffy. To be fair, it all depends on what the creative team using the character at the time has in mind for the vampire hunter. He could get a power-up tomorrow that makes him immortal, and we wouldn't bat an eye.

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    Blade Learned Vampire Hunting From A Trumpet Player

    Who do you turn to when you're on the hunt for a mentor to teach you vampire hunting? Um... a drug-addled trumpet player, of course! Because comic books are awesome and you'll never convince us otherwise. What other artistic medium offers up a musical maestro with a weakness for drugs and a passion for vampire slaying as a father figure?

    Jamal Afari ended up teaching Blade everything he knows about the art of slaying undead bloodsuckers, but like most things in Eric Brooks's life, this particular story took a turn for the worse. After the two had split up and gone their separate ways over the years, Afari was turned into a vampire by Dracula himself, and Blade was forced to slay his mentor in self-defense. 

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