12 Unbelievable Stories From Behind The Scenes Of 'Blade: Trinity'



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Blade: Trinity is one of the most unforgettable movies in cinema history - not because it’s so good, but because it’s a train wreck from beginning to end. The dark stories from the set of Blade paint a picture of Wesley Snipes being a celebrity who’s impossible to work with. Multiple members of the cast and crew claim the production almost came crashing down because of the nightmare behavior of Snipes, but he’s not the only person to blame.

These Blade behind the scenes secrets are all absolutely bonkers, and they explain why the movie is such a mess - and why it effectively ended that version of the franchise. Not only was Snipes high the entire time he was on set, but he and the film’s director were openly fighting. Their hatred for each other even ended up turning into a physical altercation that spilled out onto the set. If you didn’t already think this movie was bananas, taking a look behind the scenes of Blade: Trinity will make you realize how crazy it really was.

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    Ryan Reynolds Was Referred To As "That Cracker" Throughout Filming

    When Spin reporter Chris Parry showed up to cover the final days of filming on the set of Blade: Trinity, he got the story of a lifetime. One of the craziest things he learned was not only did Wesley Snipes not refer to his co-stars by name, but he specifically referred to Ryan Reynolds as "that cracker." Speaking under terms of anonymity, an executive on the film claimed Snipes would say things like "tell that cracker to get out of my eye line," and "tell that cracker to get his lines right."

    The "anonymous executive" said they would have walked off the film in the first week, but the rest of the crew was working extra hard to make up for all of the bad vibes Snipes was putting out. 

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    Wesley Snipes Got Physical With Director David Goyer, So Goyer Hired Biker Body Guards

    It turns out Wesley Snipes will totally throw down if you piss him off on set, which is exactly what happened one day when the star tried to strangle director David Goyer during a confrontation about their vampire movie. The night after being intimidated on set, Goyer was out drinking at a strip club with members of the crew when he met some bikers. According to Patton Oswalt, "David says to them, 'I’ll pay for all your drinks if you show up to set tomorrow and pretend to be my security.'" They agreed to the deal and showed up the next day while "Wesley freaked out and went back to his trailer."

    As to Goyer and Snipes's relationship post-Blade, Goyer said it was one of the most "personally and professionally difficult things I've ever been through," and when asked if he has spoken to Snipes since, he responded, "No, no... we've never spoken again."

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    Wesley Snipes Was Really Pushing For A Sex Scene That Never Happens

    It turns out Wesley Snipes really wanted to have a sex scene in Blade: Trinity. He talked about it on the DVD commentary for Blade 2 and was allegedly making moves behind the scenes to make sure his character showed his prowess in the bedroom in the third film. Supposedly the idea was for Blade and Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) to hook up at some point during the movie, but the idea never came to fruition. Was it because Biel vetoed the scene? Or was it because it had nothing to do with the plot of the film? 


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    Wesley Snipes Stayed In Character Throughout Filming

    It's not crazy for method actors to stay in character while on set. When a character is as intense as Blade (his entire family was murdered by vampires), it can be hard to dip in and out of that emotional intensity, so it makes sense Wesley Snipes wanted to be in the zone throughout filming. Still, it's very silly he was so serious about pretending to be a vampire killer named "Blade." Patton Oswalt claims Snipes introduced himself as "Blade" the one time they actually met. 



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    Parker Posey Didn't Think Wesley Snipes Cared About The Movie

    Parker Posey Didn't Think Wesley Snipes Cared About The Movie
    Photo: Blade: Trinity / New Line Cinema

    In an impromptu interview with Chris Parry (who was writing for Spin at the time), indie darling Parker Posey was upfront about how it was obvious Wesley Snipes was checked out. She said, "I came here to do something fun and stupid and big budget and I don't normally get to do that kind of thing. Don't have the boobs for it, you know? So I'm just showing up, saying my lines, having fun with it. And Wesley isn't." 

    If you've seen the film then you know Posey's scenery chewing turn as Danica Talos is one of the highlights of a movie full of folks acting like crazy people. 


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    Natasha Lyonne Was In The Midst Of A Breakdown During Filming

    Natasha Lyonne has definitely had her ups and downs with drug abuse, and a lot of it has been in the public eye. She appears in Blade: Trinity as Sommerfield, a blind hacker, and one reporter claims she was in a low spot during filming. While Chris Parry was trying to interview the cast, Lyonne's publicist asked him to email his questions to her and allow them to be vetted by a lawyer. She never got back to him with her answers. 

    Patton Oswalt backs up the claim Lyonne was going through "some kind of mental breakdown," but she was at least having some sort of twisted fun with it: "Wesley is all boundaries, and [Lyonne] has no boundaries. She played a blind computer expert. So the first scene they had together, she put her hand right on his face, and he just recoiled. It was awesome."

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