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12 Unbelievable Stories From Behind The Scenes Of Blade: Trinity

Updated 1 Jul 2020 541.4k views12 items

Blade: Trinity is one of the most unforgettable movies in cinema history - not because it’s so good, but because it’s a train wreck from beginning to end. The dark stories from the set of Blade paint a picture of Wesley Snipes being a celebrity who’s impossible to work with. Multiple members of the cast and crew claim the production almost came crashing down because of the nightmare behavior of Snipes, but he’s not the only person to blame.

These Blade behind the scenes secrets are all absolutely bonkers, and they explain why the movie is such a mess. Not only was Snipes high the entire time he was on set, but he and the film’s director were openly fighting. Their hatred for each other even ended up turning into a physical altercation that spilled out onto the set. If you didn’t already think this movie was bananas, taking a look behind the scenes of Blade: Trinity will make you realize how crazy it really was.

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