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Bewitching Details And Trivia About The 'Blair Witch' Films That Are Pretty Haunting

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Over 20 years ago, The Blair Witch Project took horror fans by surprise and introduced many moviegoers to the found footage format. The story of missing filmmakers Heather, Josh, and Mike was originally made for only a few thousand dollars, but would go on to gross +$240 million at the box office as audiences fell for the complicated mythology that surrounded the film.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows would follow the fandom rather than the original story in its premise, containing hidden messages and plot points that were eventually abandoned by the studio. Read more about it here. 

In 2016,  the third chapter Blair Witch continued the original story, following family members of the missing trio from the original movie as they search for their loved one, only to discover horror instead. 

As the story of the Blair Witch continues to intrigue and scare audiences, fans of the film franchise have found hidden details and interesting tidbits that they have shared over the years. Vote up the best bits of info from the freaky franchise. 

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    Photo: The Blair Witch Project / Artisan Entertainment

    Posted by a Redditor:

    In the Blair Witch Project, in the scene where Heather finds a package from the Witch outside their tent, the teeth inside were real and the package was tied by real human hair. The teeth were procured from a local dentist.

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    Rock On

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    Heather's Remains

    Photo: Blair Witch / Lionsgate

    Posted by Redditor u/GrumpyGourmet1:

    [According to Blair Witch (2016) filmmakers:]

    "Heather's bones may or may not be laying on the ground in the cellar."

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    The Tents

    Photo: The Blair Witch Project / Artisan Entertainment

    Posted by Redditor u/hellsfoxes:

    [In Blair Witch (2016)]...Just before [reaching] the house, they stumble on the yellow tent of Heather's crew crumpled on the ground.

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