makeup The Blank Canvas Challenge Shows The True Power Of Makeup  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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Ever since Nikkie Tutorials, one of the most popular beauty YouTubers, helped start the Power of Makeup challenge, beauty bloggers have been more open about showing their before-and-after photos. Sometimes, they even post totally fresh-faced selfies to show the world how transformative cosmetics can be. Now, a new Instagram makeup challenge is giving makeup lovers an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

What is the Blank Canvas challenge? It’s a beauty look that makeup artist Jodie Hulme initiated. Hulme posted a photo of her face with half completely made-up and half covered in white paint. She captioned the pic, “BLANK CANVAS,” and the trend took off. CoverGirl brand rep James Charles even attempted the challenge, and his look inspired thousands of followers to join in, too.

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She Used A Foundation Bottle As A Prop


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He Was Made Of Stardust


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She Used A Bit Of Unicorn Tears For This Ethereal Look


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He Inspired All Of The IG MUAs


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