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Which 'Bleach' Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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If you're a long-standing Bleach fan, you may have thought about which character has the most in common with you. Maybe you're like Sōsuke Aizen - blisteringly intelligent and quick to act in your own interest. Or maybe you're like Orihime, dreamy and sweet.

But how exactly do you know which persona you truly are? The answer may lie in your astrological sign. Just like with Naruto characters' zodiac signs, discovering which Bleach character you are based on your zodiac sign may give you a little more insight on some of your favorite characters. 

  • Like many people born under the sign of AriesGrimmjow Jaggerjack is a confident, energetic person who sometimes acts without thinking. As a Fire sign, Grimmjow Jaggerjack has a competitive nature and a nearly unstoppable will. His whirlwind personality can get aggressive at some points and even lead to violence; Jaggerjack is known to get sadistic when he fights.

  • The sign of Taurus is represented by the bull, an animal that brings to mind stubbornness. But a Taurus is more than just stubborn - and so is Karin Kurosaki, Ichigo's younger sister. Taureans are patient, loyal, and dedicated. They also crave security and will go to great lengths to make sure they have it. After Karin's mother dies, she doesn't know how to help her family stay stable. To keep family affairs running smoothly, Karin vows to suppress her own sadness so no one else has to worry about her.

    But Karin isn't afraid to show some emotion - when she gets annoyed with her father, she doesn't hesitate to smack him around, expressing the aggression that can characterize the Taurus experience. 

  • Represented by the twins, Geminis are known for their passion, drive, and world-class people skills - but they can also be two-faced, jealous, and depressed. The power-hungry Sōsuke Aizen does a beautiful job of convincing people he's a loyal member of Soul Society, when in reality he wants nothing more than to overthrow it.

    Does being a Gemini automatically make a person villainous? The jury is out, but Aizen definitely embraces the darker side of the Gemini lifestyle.

  • Jūshirō Ukitake shares a multitude of traits with the Cancer sign. He's a deeply compassionate, merciful person who is particularly invested in helping children. Sometimes, he can veer a little too far into his desire to assist and ends up overworking himself - a real danger due to his poor health. Cancers are similarly invested in nurturing those around them, sometimes at their own expense.

    Like others of this Water sign, Ukitake is super creative, as he maintains a wildly popular novel series called Rejection of the Twin Fishes.

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