Here's What You Are Missing In Bleach If You Didn't Continue With The Manga

The story of Bleach deserves a proper burial. The manga ended its 15-year run in 2016, but the anime series wrapped prematurely in 2012. That amounts to four years of unadapted material, and plenty of memorable fights. Bleach fans aren't the only ones who want to see a continuation of the anime series. English voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch, who voices Ichigo Kurosaki, expressed his disappointment with the anime's finale at an anime convention in Greensboro, NC, saying, “[Code Geass] was a great ending whereas Bleach was like, ‘Ummm,' I think there was a little more than that.”

Anime-only fans of Bleach have missed out on a lot of significant stuff from the manga, such as the true powers of Ichigo, the fate of his long-time friends and allies, and which characters end up romantically involved with each other. Until Studio Pierrot finally decides to make one more season of Bleach, getting the fully story requires a little extra reading. 


  • The Quincy Are Still Alive, And They Want Revenge

    The Quincy Are Still Alive, And They Want Revenge
    Photo: Bleach / Viz Media

    The Quincy are Hollow-hunting super-beings that were supposedly wiped out by the Shinigami over 200 years ago. As it turns out, not all of them were killed, and a secret army of Quincies has been hiding in the shadows of Seireitei, waiting until the time was right to exact their revenge on the Soul Society. They're known as the Wandenreich, and their leader is Yhwach, the son of the Soul King

  • Zangetsu, the manifested spirit of Ichigo's Zanpakutō, reveals that he is actually a manifestation of Ichigo's Quincy powers, and that he physically resembles Yhwach's appearance from 1,000 years ago. Ichigo's true Zanpakutō is Hollow Ichigo, and Zangetsu has been suppressing him to steer Ichigo away from becoming a Shinigami. However, Zangetsu later allows Ichigo full access to his Zanpakutō, resulting in a weapon with two distinct blades that represent Ichigo's heritage as a Shinigami and a Quincy. 

  • Yhwach Can See The Future

    As if Yhwach wasn't enough of a menace, the father of the Quincies reveals that he has a horrific ace up his sleeve. Yhwach initiates The Almighty, a power that allows him to gaze into the future so that he can change the course of the present. He doesn't just see one future, but all possible futures that arise from a scenario. This allows Yhwach to alter the future by manipulating his opponents so that the resulting events benefit him. It's The Almighty that allows Yhwach to see the death of the Soul King and his absorption of his powers. 

  • Captain Yamamoto Dies
    Photo: Bleach / Viz Media

    It might be a shonen cliche to have a new bad guy demonstrate his strength by killing off a powerful fan-favorite character, but Bleach pulls it off without a hitch. To show everyone that he means business, Yhwach eliminates Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto by obliterating his body with a Reishi blast. Only his scorched and broken Ryūjin Jakka remains after the gruesome battle.