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Here's What You Are Missing In Bleach If You Didn't Continue With The Manga

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The story of Bleach deserves a proper burial. The manga ended its 15-year run in 2016, but the anime series wrapped prematurely in 2012. That amounts to four years of unadapted material, and plenty of memorable fights. Bleach fans aren't the only ones who want to see a continuation of the anime series. English voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch, who voices Ichigo Kurosaki, expressed his disappointment with the anime's finale at an anime convention in Greensboro, NC, saying, “[Code Geass] was a great ending whereas Bleach was like, ‘Ummm,' I think there was a little more than that.”

Anime-only fans of Bleach have missed out on a lot of significant stuff from the manga, such as the true powers of Ichigo, the fate of his long-time friends and allies, and which characters end up romantically involved with each other. Until Studio Pierrot finally decides to make one more season of Bleach, getting the fully story requires a little extra reading. 

  • The Wandenreich Conquer Hueco Mundo

    The Wandenreich waste no time exacting their revenge on the Soul Society. Unbelievably, the forsaken Quincies return to conquer Hueco Mundo for Arrancar soldiers. Tier Harribel — who became the new ruler of Hueco Mundo following the defeat of Sōsuke Aizen — is beaten and captured by Yhwach and his soldiers. Unfortunately, the manga never mentions what happens to Harribel in the end, so presumably, she's still chained up in a dungeon somewhere.

  • Ichigo's first encounter with Yhwach is anything but pleasant. Ichigo is blinded by rage after the destruction of Seireitei, which allows Yhwach to easily defeat him. Ichigo narrowly avoids death thanks to the defensive Quincy technique known as Blut Vene, which strengthens the durability of the user's skin, and also slows blood loss. Yhwach dips out after he fails to kill Ichigo, and when the hero tries to stop him, the blade of his Tensa Zangetsu is broken in two by Jugram Haschwalth, Yhwach's advisor. 

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  • You can't tell a story about the Quincies wihtout including Uryū Ishida, Ichigo's friend who was thought to be the last remaining member of the Quincies. At the start, Uryū's role is relatively small, but he soon becomes vital to the story when he decides to enlist in the Wandenreich army and become the successor to Yhwach. To Ichigo and his friends, it feels like Uryū has betrayed them to serve his fellow Quincies. However, it's later revealed that Uryū only joined to destroy Wandenreich from the inside. Uryū's gambit is definitely a risky one, but it pays off in the end. 

  • Ichigo Learns The Truth About His Mother

    Ichigo's confrontation with Yhwach suggests a hidden truth about his long deceased mom, Masaki Kurosaki. Later on, Ichigo's father, Isshin Kurosaki, finally comes clean to his son about who his mother really was. It's revealed that Masaki was actually a Quincy, which means that Ichigo is also secretly a Quincy, and not a Shinigami like his dad. Another key piece of information Isshin drops on Ichigo is that all Quincies possess the same blood of Yhwach within them. This detail is instantly intriguing, and yields dire consequences later on.