Graveyard Shift

Guillermo Del Toro Has One Of The World's Most Impressive Horror Collections In His 'Bleak House'

Pop culture lovers the world over have adorned their living spaces with prized relics of their favorite films and TV shows, but they all pale in comparison to the extraordinary and downright macabre contents of the Guillermo del Toro household. Named after a classic Dickens novel, Bleak House is a living, breathing love letter to the stories, movies, attractions, and memorablia that inspired Guillermo del Toro to create the bone-chilling films that made him famous. Every piece of the collection, from the freakishly realistic wax figures down to the original frames of animated classics, was handpicked by del Toro to live in his own personal ecosystem of weirdness.

Which is more frightening? Del Toro’s films themselves or his random collection of peculiarities that inspired them? Read on to find out.