The Crazy True Story Of The Bling Ring: The Kids Who Robbed Eight Celebrities Blind

The true story of the Bling Ring sounds like something that came out of a Hollywood movie, so naturally it got made into one about five years after the fact. The story surrounds a group of celebrity-obsessed teens robbing celebrities from 2008-2009. By the end their celebrity crime spree, the kids broke into houses belonging to Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Audrina Patridge, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, and Ashley Tisdale. In regards to motive, most of the Bling Ring members simply desired the wealth and celebrity that surrounded them all while growing up around Los Angeles and Hollywood.

When the story came to light, it revealed a disturbing overlap of crime and celebrity that spoke volumes about the effects of fame, social media, and materialism. Millions of dollars worth of property was stolen from victims of the Bling Ring, a mighty heist for a group of teenagers. Most Bling Ring members now lay low, no doubt aware their names will likely never escape this association thanks to the Internet and the thing that lured them into their crime spree in the first place: celebrity culture.