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12 Facts About The Blobfish, Nature's Most Derpy-Looking Animal

If the deep sea blobfish had a catchphrase, it would probably be "womp, womp." This sad, squishy critter, dubbed the JELL-O of the sea, is one of the dumbest looking animals on Earth. With the face of a cranky old man and a body that looks like a cross between Flubber and a mucus-covered fetus, the sad-looking blobfish is a sea creature that looks like an ugly cartoon character. We can't all be blessed, can we?

Despite poor blobby's interesting looks, he's become sort of an icon - sparking Internet memes, plush toys, and even a blobfish-themed coffee shop. Blobby's got a lot going for him, and he's quite the celebrity of weird-looking fishes. Researchers don't know a whole lot about the blobfish, but they do know these chubby, floppy little guys shouldn't be overlooked because of their unsightly appearance. Blobfish are worthy of love, too. Here are some blobfish facts that prove this little guy is more than just a puddle of squish.