That Terrifying Moment When Blood Leaks Out Of A Funeral Home And Flows Down The Street

A headline nobody ever wants to read is "blood leaked out of a funeral home," but that's exactly what happened in Baton Rouge, LA. The Greenoaks Funeral Home and Cemetery could have been called the Red River Mortuary when the Louisiana funeral home had a blood leak. It all began with a malfunctioning storage tank in the funeral home and it ended with a blood-covered street in Louisiana. 

The entire gross episode shines a light on the highly formalized way that modern funerals are carried out. Bodies are taken to a funeral home where they are made up so that the dead person almost looks like they are still alive, as if they are just sleeping. Of course, the facade of this merely covers the fact that a wholly unnatural process involving chemicals, sewing needles, and makeup is used to mourn the dead. Let's take a closer look, shall we?