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That Terrifying Moment When Blood Leaks Out Of A Funeral Home And Flows Down The Street

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A headline nobody ever wants to read is "blood leaked out of a funeral home," but that's exactly what happened in Baton Rouge, LA. The Greenoaks Funeral Home and Cemetery could have been called the Red River Mortuary when the Louisiana funeral home had a blood leak. It all began with a malfunctioning storage tank in the funeral home and it ended with a blood-covered street in Louisiana. 

The entire gross episode shines a light on the highly formalized way that modern funerals are carried out. Bodies are taken to a funeral home where they are made up so that the dead person almost looks like they are still alive, as if they are just sleeping. Of course, the facade of this merely covers the fact that a wholly unnatural process involving chemicals, sewing needles, and makeup is used to mourn the dead. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

  • The Blood Flowed For About 20 Minutes

    Tyrannical dictators often threaten to create a river of blood in their enemy countries, but for a funeral home in Louisiana, it actually happened. The funeral home reportedly suffered a blockage in its storage system which caused a malfunction. As a result, blood pumped through the streets of Baton Rouge for nearly 20 minutes in September 2017. Workers finally got things under control but the state sent out inspectors anyway.

  • It Was Actually A Mix Of Blood And Formaldehyde

    Although it is incredibly gross to think about a pool of blood pumping out of a funeral home, it is somehow made a little more disgusting by the fact that it was also mixed with embalming fluid. What drained into the streets was actually a mix of blood and formaldehyde. The chemical, which also gives new cars their distinctive smell, is used to preserve bodies ahead of funerals. 

  • The Funeral Home Was Missing Some Paperwork

    Funeral homes are tightly regulated entities. The ordinances and laws that cover them are intended to make sure that things like pumping blood into the streets don't occur. The owners of the Greenoaks Funeral Home don't seem like they were flaunting regulations. However, they had just taken over the business at the time of the accident. As a result, they were missing the proper permit for the facility. 

  • Don't Blame The City

    If there was one thing that was clear from the incident, it is that the city of Baton Rouge did not want to be blamed for it. After the blood flowing out of the funeral home was reported, the town sent in their inspectors to find its source. According to the inspectors, the problem was not coming from the city. They determined that it was most definitely coming out of the funeral home