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The 13 Goriest & Most Brutal Moments in Vertigo Comics History

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Unlike some of the other comic publishers out there, Vertigo doesn't shy away from bloodshed in their comics. In fact, the company produces some of the goriest comic books in the business, while still putting out magnificent, well-written stories that manage to shock and awe. If you love insanely bloody comic books, reading some of the gory Vertigo comics must feel a lot like Christmas morning.

What is the most violent Vertigo comic book? It's hard to say when there are tons of fantastic examples to choose from. Take a look at the list below for some of the most violent vertigo comic books and vote up the goriest, most brutal moments from the company's wide range of titles. 

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    Mr. Brass Has Some "Fun"

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    Mr. Brass in Scalped feels like the Devil incarnate. When he first arrives at the casino, he sets out to have some "fun." Now fun for a normal person might involve gambling while sampling a fine assortment of alcohol, but Mr. Brass is far from normal. He hires two teenage meth-head prostitutes, a boy and a girl, and then proceeds to torture and rape them both. It's later said that he literally stabbed them while having sex with them. It's an incredibly gory and brutal moment that should serve as a warning to all the meth-head teenage prostitutes out there looking for a good time. 

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    Safa Gets Raped By a Pack of Lions

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    Can you feel the love tonight? Safa certainly doesn't. In Brian K. Vaughan's brilliantly dark graphic novel Pride of Baghdad, we bare witness to the brutality of nature. Before things get crazy, Safa, a female lion, flashes back to a time where she was attacked by a male lion and raped. She put up a good fight, but the male lion scratches her eyes so she can't see. A bad situation turns worse when the male lion reveals he has three brothers who also want a turn. 

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    A Religious Giraffe Gets Blown Apart

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    Have you ever seen a giraffe explode? Have you ever wanted to? Although most people would say no, it doesn't stop Pride of Baghdad from giving audiences a close-up look of what happens when a bomb meets a giraffe. Even worse, the giraffe seemed generally happy with the circumstances - i.e. getting blown up. He thought the bombs dropping from the sky meant the heavens had opened up to save the animals. He was wrong. 

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    Does a Wicked Man Deserve Wicked Punishment Forever?

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    Critics and readers hail Neil Gaiman's Sandman as one of the greatest comic series of all time - a title it wholeheartedly deserves. One of the most hilarious, yet gory moments comes when Morpheus visits Lucifer in Hell and finds out that Lucifer wants to retire. The two come across a horribly disfigured man plastered to a rock with chains and nails protruding out of every possibly place on his body. The man says he was Breschau of Livonia, who ripped tongues out of people, cut babies from the wombs of his enemies', raped his mother, and strangled his sister when she put up a fight against his advances. He arguably deserves his spot on the rock and is content with his punishment, which makes it even funnier when Lucifer wants to just let him go. 

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