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Blue's Clues Fan Theories

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Debuting in 1996, Blue's Clues was a national phenomenon. Pre-school children everywhere were Skidooing into make-believe worlds with Steve and his dog Blue. The show's characters were household names, much like the residents of Sesame Street before them.

Even decades later, fans are still thinking about Blue's Clues mysteries. Thank to nostalgic '90s kids, the internet is rife with Blue's Clues fan theories. While a lot of the speculation is goofy, the better ideas could potentially crack open some of televison's greatest enigmas.  

It's time for the world to know whether Mrs. Pepper cheated on Mr. Salt or if Steve's house is possessed by a malignant spirit. 

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    Steve Is Babysitting The Kids Watching Him

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    If you're wondering why Steve is constantly addressing the camera or seemingly talking to himself, Redditor /u/Chengweiyingji has a theory that makes sense.

    Steve is babysitting! When he talks to the camera, he's addressing the kids he's watching. That explains all the make-believe, playing dumb, and educational activities. You even hear the kids responding to Steve (although you never see any kids except in the mail videos). 

    This theory also explains how Steve can afford to go to college; when you never leave the house, it's easy to save up thousands of dollars. 

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    Blue Got A Job After The Show Ended

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    Redditor /u/ThatPlaystationUser noticed a striking similarity between the beloved Blue and the spokes-dog for a popular brand of treats.

    Like many washed-up celebrities, Blue was forced to sell out for profit once the show ended. She began endorsing products and modeling for advertisements to maintain the lifestyle she was accustomed to. This wasn't such a bad deal for ol' Blue though, as the new job included a lifetime supply of treats. 

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    Mrs. Pepper Had An Affair

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    If you've ever tried combining salt and pepper, you know the result is not paprika or cinnamon. Given this material reality, one has to wonder how Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper conceived their children. 

    Some fans believe Pepper is actually married to Dr. Pepper (the soda) and is cheating on him with Mr. Salt. Maybe one day we'll see Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper on a daytime talk show and finally learn the truth.

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    Steve Stays Home Because He Has Agoraphobia

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    All of Blue's Clues takes place inside Steve's house. While some might blame budget constraints, it's equally likely the host is afraid to leave his home. 

    Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes people to have panic attacks when out in public. Weighed down by anxiety, Steve slowly recedes from the public eye until he's no longer able to keep up with the speed of modern life. 

    Eventually, boredom and loneliness started to rear their ugly heads. At this point, Steve began filming educational videos for children as a way of connecting with the world in a low pressure environment. 

    When the show started to become popular, Steve couldn't handle the pressure, so he left for a stint at an in-patient treatment center. Fans were led to believe Steve "left for college" to avoid putting further pressure on the battered star. 

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