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Hidden Details We Found About 'The Haunting Of Bly Manor'

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Filled with ghastly ghosts, character revelations a plenty, and foreshadowing galore, Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House is filled with hidden details and secret story specifics that eagle-eyed fans have found and shared. Here are a few hidden details to help enhance your next viewing. 

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    Flora's Doll House

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    Posted by u/qfrostine_esq:

    The dolls in the house represent the people who live there as well as the ghosts. Flora herself does not seem to arrange the dolls, and their arrangement within the house/room serve as a warning system to the kids.  

    When the Lady in the Lake doll is under the dresser, she’s asleep under the lake. By moving the doll, Dani is messing with the warning system. That’s why they’re so shocked and frightened when Dani kicks it over in another scene [as it means] she’s on the move.

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    Soldier Boy

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    To help Flora conquer her fears, Henry tells her of an imaginary soldier he used to see as a child and how he gave the soldier a backstory to help him be less afraid, thus turning the ghost into a friend. Henry's "imaginary friend" is hidden in the background of a few scenes throughout the series, proving he is not so imaginary after all. 

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    Hidden Faces In The Poster

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    Foreshadowing Flowers

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    In an early episode, Miles is blamed for destroying Jamie's roses, which he gives to Dani as a gift. Later in the series, we see that this was a signature move from Peter, who gives flowers to Flora.

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