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Bo Burnham Announces His Netflix Comedy Special 'Inside' Five Years In The Making

April 29, 2021 1.1k views12 items

Bo Burnham is a well-known comedian who has found major success in film writing, directing, and acting. He's been in the public eye since 2008, and since then, he has released several comedy specials with Comedy Central and Netflix. On April 28th, 2021 he announced his new special Inside, five years after his most recent special was released.

  • Bo Burnham Began Performing Stand-Up Professionally In 2008 At Only Eighteen Years Old

    Photo: Comedy Central / Youtube

    Bo Burnham rose to internet 'stardom' when he began posting Youtube videos in 2006 to his channel: boburnham. He regularly began posting original comedic songs that he performed on guitar and piano. Over the course of a year, he amassed millions of views, and ended up signing with Comedy Central. Bo became the youngest person to record a half-hour special with the network, and went on to record his first full-length special, Words Words Words in 2010. 

  • Bo Burnham Released His Comedy Special 'what.' In 2013 With Netflix

    Photo: Netflix / Youtube

    In 2013, Bo Burnham worked with Netflix to distribute his third special, what. He also released it on his Youtube channel which has amassed over 22,000,000 views. This special helped skyrocket Bo in the comedy world, landing him an original scripted show with MTV, Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. Along with a New York Times best selling poetry book, Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive On Ideas Alone

  • In 2016, Bo Performed What Many Believed Would Be His Last Stand-Up Special, "Make Happy"

    Photo: Netflix / Youtube

    In Make Happy, Bo's most personal special yet, he spoke a lot about fame and how he grappled with his rapid rise to success. He mentioned that this special was, "about performing." Bo ends the Netflix produced special with a "Kanye-style" rant, and his last words of the special are, "I hope you're happy."

  • For Two Years, Fans Were Unsure Whether Or Not They Would Get Any New Bo Burnham Content Again Until He Released 'Eighth Grade'

    Photo: Variety / Youtube

    In 2018, Bo Burnham released Eighth Grade, a film produced by A24 that he wrote and directed. The film centers around Kayla, played by Elsie Fisher, who tries to navigate the last few weeks of eighth grade before she starts high school. In an interview with Variety, Bo said, "In a way, it's personal, it's about my current experience much more than my thirteen year old experience." The film went on to premiere at Sundance and won Bo awards with both the Writers Guild and Directors Guild of America, along with a Golden Globe nomination for Elise Fisher for "Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Comedy or Musical."