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The 12 Best Party Games For Completely Destroying Friendships

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The makers of board games claim that they make games to bring friends and family together, but we all know the truth: life is competition and board games destroy relationships. Why would you play games that will ruin your friendships? Because sometimes winning just feels so good

We all love a good board game night with family or friends. There's nothing better than bringing together a group of people you love and trust only to epically betray them all. We've all been there - you're sitting around the living room, having a great time playing your favorite game with your friends... and before the night is through, you are plotting revenge on your old college roommate who Sorry'd you just before you got in the safe zone. Things get heated, people get competitive, trust is lost, and relationships get destroyed – all in the name of "harmless fun."

Here are the best games to play if you want to betray, exploit, and deceive your closest friends for personal victory. Proceed carefully.

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