Sex Dungeon Owner Bob Bashara Killed His Wife, Perhaps To Hide His Double Life

Bob Bashara and his wife, Jane, were well-known and respected in their local community in suburban Detroit. This made the death of Jane Bashara a huge shock, especially because someone murdered her and stashed her body in Detroit, Michigan. Despite this, the national media most likely wouldn't have picked up this story if it wasn't for a couple of really unusual twists. By the time the case made its way through the legal system, everyone would learn Bob Bashara had a double life that included rough sex and mistresses. In this world, Master Bob stepped away from his wife and career in lieu of running a sex dungeon.

It's unknown exactly what the motive was for Jane Bashara's murder. Perhaps Bob Bashara orchestrated his wife's death to prevent her from telling the world about Master Bob. It's possible he would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for the testimony of his handyman.

  • He Was A Sadomasochist Who Ran A Sex Dungeon

    While Bob Bashara seemed like a family man, he was hiding a dark secret: he ran a sex dungeon out of the basement of a building he owned, and he used a bar in the building to pick up women. One witness claimed he called himself a "dominator" and told her she "deserved to be spanked." Bar employees and other regular customers confirmed that Bob Bashara and several women regularly went into the basement. On some occasions, they took whips and bondage gear to the sex dungeon. 

    When the investigation into Jane Bashara's death began, her husband's private double life wasn't publicly known. However, it didn't take long for investigators and the media to discover shocking details that painted a completely different picture of him. 

  • A Mentally Impaired Man Told The Police What Bashara Did

    Police found Jane Bashara's body on January 25, 2012. Less than a week later, handyman Joe Gentz confessed that he helped dispose of the body. Police didn't believe Gentz at first, because his IQ is only 67. Gentz told investigators Bob Bashara gave him a Cadillac and $2,000 to kill Jane, but they released him anyway. One month later, police finally arrested Gentz for his role in Jane Bashara's murder. Gentz's testimony would eventually help put Bob Bashara behind bars.  

  • He Brutally Strangled His Wife - And She Fought Back

    Before her body was discovered, Jane was last seen by coworkers at a meeting in downtown Detroit, about eight miles from her home. Gentz said her murder took place in the garage of her Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, home. Gentz said he moved the body to the east side of Detroit, presumably in an attempt to make it look like her violent death happened randomly after a carjacking.

    Investigators said her body showed signs of a struggle, including broken finger nails and several bruises. She "fought for her life," but it wasn't enough to prevent her strangulation death. According to the Wayne County medical examiner, Jane Bashara was hit with a blunt object repeatedly before she was strangled. The force was so powerful, it cracked her windpipe - which is more difficult to break than a bone. He said it was possible she was conscious for at least four minutes during her attack.

  • He Hired A Hitman To Prevent His Accomplice From Testifying

    Bob Bashara apparently really didn't want his former handyman Gentz to testify. Bob Bashara hired a hitman to murder Gentz before the trial. When law enforcement officers found out, Bob Bashara claimed he wanted to have Gentz killed to get revenge for his deceased wife. This excuse didn't matter, and he went to prison - two years before the Jane Bashara murder trial. 

  • Key Evidence Mysteriously Disappeared

    The clothing Jane Bashara was wearing during her murder may have contained key evidence. But when it came time for the trial, they randomly disappeared - either by accident or on purpose. The funeral director indicated his staff could have disposed of the clothing if the police didn't request these items back, but no one knows for sure what happened. There were conflicting reports about whether the Michigan State crime lab recovered this key evidence. If they did, though, the items weren't presented as evidence during the trial. This makes it seem highly unlikely that the clothing ever made it to its intended destination.   

  • He Had Several Mistresses

    At least three women claiming to be Bob Bashara's mistress came forward before the trial, including Rachel Gillet, though police found no evidence they were together. As the mistresses began to speak out, Bob Bashara's attorney attempted to publicly defend his client by claiming the Basharas had an "open marriage." At the same time, they denied Gillet's claims and characterized her as being only a friend. Gillet testified that Jane Bashara found out about his extramarital affairs a couple of weeks before her murder. A patron of the Hard Luck Lounge, located next to the sex dungeon, also indicated Bob Bashara told her he was in an open relationship.