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A list of the funniest and best bite-sized moments featuring Bob Odenkirk, as ranked by the comedy fans who pray at the altar of Saul Goodman. For more than two decades as a writer, director, producer, and actor, Odenkirk was one of the most influential voices in modern comedy, but it wasn't until his role as a foul-mouthed criminal lawyer on Breaking Bad that he became a household name.

The Saul-centric spinoff, Better Call Saul, broke cable premiere records and catapulted Odenkirk from supporting actor to leading man. His success just confirms what comedy nerds have known since his days as a writer on Saturday Night Live: this guy is a comedic whirlwind.

Whether he was co-creating the visionary sketch comedy series Mr. Show with Bob & David, producing the absurdist performance art of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, writing for The Ben Stiller Show, or even showing up on Seinfeld, Bob Odenkirk has always brought a little something special to the table.

That's why we've collected all these amusing and enlightening moments from Odenkirk's storied career in comedy. Explore the clips in this slideshow and remember to vote up the funniest Bob Odenkirk moments below!
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Saul Goodman's Words of Advice on Breaking Bad

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Saul Goodman is an unstoppable idea machine, a man full of practical advice and brilliant schemes. For both Walter White and his cooking partner, Jesse Pinkman, Goodman's advice serves to keep them alive in the volatile world of meth production and distribution. For viewers, his nuggets of wisdom provide moments of humor on a show that redefines intensity.
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Saul Goodman Gets His Very Own Spinoff

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Better Call Saul was one the most highly anticipated television shows in cable history. The second season was ordered before the show even aired. It's the biggest showcase for Odenkirk since Mr. Show, goosing the bleak drama and thrills of Breaking Bad with a little levity. Not too much, though.
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Joking Bad on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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Breaking Bad parodies are a dime a dozen, but how many actually feature the real Saul Goodman and Walter White? Odenkirk and Bryan Cranston both show up in this bit from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
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Odenkirk as a Boss on The Office

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When The Office needed someone to (briefly) play a manager on Michael's Scott's imbecilic level, there was only one man they could cast: Big Bob Odenkirk, who absolutely nails that Scott-like combination of idiocy, obliviousness, and eagerness to please.