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Every Single Exterminator Van Pun on Bob's Burgers So Far

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Bob's Burgers is one of the most inventive and clever animated comedies of the decade, and this list highlights all the amazing exterminator van names from the opening credits throughout the show's first six seasons. The show's dedication to burger puns and wordplay are so pun-tastic (*cue Tina groan*) that Linda would probably want to sing a song about it.

Whether it's the daily specials in the restaurant, the rotating stores next door, or the wide variety of exterminator trucks that roll up in the opening credits, the Bob's Burgers writers are always willing to go for a quick joke that not everybody even notices.

You'll notice how the first season never changed the truck name, but thankfully after season two, the creators realized what a missed opportunity this was. What's your favorite? Vote up the funniest pst control vans from Bob's Burgers below!