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16 Bob's Burgers Fan Theories That Are Just Crazy Enough To Be True

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Bob's Burgers has developed a fierce fan base that has spawned some wild fan theories. There's just something so incredibly refreshing about the show — whether it's Tina Belcher's unique views on feminism, Linda's mission to love and nurture her childrens' quirks, or Gene's undeniable musical ability. Some of these Bob's Burgers conspiracy theories highlight the Belchers' oddities, helping them rank as one of TV's most progressive families, but others remain Bob's Burgers mysteries. Seriously, things take a dark turn very quickly when you get into the depths of Reddit.

With great popularity comes great fan theories. It's happened with all of Bob's Burgers' predecessors, including The Simpsons and King of the Hill. But how do these theories actually rank? These fan theories about Bob's Burgers may help you to think beyond the surface elements of the show. 

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    Jimmy Pesto Hates Bob Because He's Jealous

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    Theoretically, an Italian restaurant and burger joint wouldn't really compete, so why does Jimmy Pesto hate Bob Belcher so much? One fan theory by Redditor Sveenee alleges it's because he's jealous.

    Jimmy Pesto's food is largely terrible despite his success. It's also suggested Jimmy is divorced from his wife, and he despises his kids' eccentricities.

    This is the opposite of Bob, who's an excellent chef and never compromises his integrity. His wife and family love him and they all accept one another as they are. This causes a lot of resentment in Jimmy Pesto, since all he really has to rely on is his restaurant. He defines his self-worth solely through financial success. 

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    Bob's Burgers Is Based In New Bedford, Massachusetts

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    A local Massachusetts radio station presented the wild idea that Bob's Burgers is actually based in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The New England setting, however, does make a certain kind of sense. The show's creator, Loren Bouchard, said the show takes place in the Northeast. 

    Though he said he imagines it somewhere in New Jersey, or the outer boroughs of New York City (think Coney Island), there's plenty of evidence to show it's actually further north. For example, the community in the show has a Lobsterfest, which would be common for a small New England town and less common in New Jersey.

    Additionally, the Wagstaff Middle School sports team is called the Whalers, the same name as New Bedford High's team. Whales, whale-watching, and sailing are much more common the deeper you get into New England.

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    Louise Uses Her Bunny Hat To Hide The Fact She's Turning Into Her Mother

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    Turning into your mother is a pretty common fear for a tween girl. Nine-year-old Louise never removes her bunny hat, and fans believe she's using this to distract herself from the fact that she's just like her mom. You can see the video explanation by ChannelFrederator

    Louise and Linda look almost exactly the same. If you look beneath Louise's hat, you'll find that they even have the same haircut. However, the pair has a rocky relationship (albeit one built on unconditional love). In the episode "Mother Daughter Laser Razor," Linda admits that Louise has always liked Bob better. She's certainly a daddy's girl, and even casual fans of the show can see how much she looks up to Bob.

    According to the theory, the hat differentiates Louise from her mother, which is pretty successful considering they'd look almost identical without it.

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    Bob Is Bisexual But Never Got A Chance To Explore His Sexuality

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    Bob may be in a happy marriage with Linda, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating he may be bisexual. There's a whole lot of evidence to back this one up, conveniently gathered together by Redditor wastalkingaboutmyrug, but the biggest giveaway was when Bob actually admitted he was "mostly straight" (implying not all-the-way straight) in a Thanksgiving episode.

    In the episode, Bob keeps ruining the Thanksgiving turkey when he's sleepwalking. He has to therefore regularly go back to the grocery store to buy more turkeys. While he's there, a deli worker starts flirting with him and insisting that Bob doesn't need to buy the turkeys and is using it as an excuse to chat.

    Towards the end of the episode, the deli worker says he left his boyfriend, and begs Bob to run away with him. Bob says he'd consider it if he wasn't married, and admits he's "mostly straight." He ends up leaving the counter, maintaining the deli worker is so out of his league that it would never work.

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