13 Reasons Bob's Burgers Is Objectively Way Better Than The Simpsons

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Bob's Burgers isn't just the best animated Fox show, it is one of the best adult cartoons, period. That's right - Bob's Burgers is even better than The Simpsons. That's not to say that The Simpsons is a terrible show. The residents of Springfield deserve much credit for all those to come in their wake who have borrowed a lot from Matt Groening's work, but Bob's Burgers, in particular, perfected that which Groening put forth. 

If you're wondering why Bob's Burgers is the best, then you clearly don't watch the show. Bob's Burgers is almost always family friendly yet wickedly funny (something Family Guy or American Dad! might have you believe is impossible). The blend of innocence and maturity in the Belcher kids makes for surprising hilarity. Their classmates - voiced by people like Jenny Slate, Aziz Ansari, and Sarah Silverman, to name a few - provide all kinds of shenanigans.

And then, of course, there's the universally loved voice of H. Jon Benjamin as the titular character. If you aren't sure why the Belchers are better than The Simpsons, read on below! Check out the variety of reasons that explain how Bob's Burgers is superior to The Simpsons, and vote up the most logical arguments that have you nodding in agreement.