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13 Reasons Bob's Burgers Is Objectively Way Better Than The Simpsons

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Bob's Burgers isn't just the best animated Fox show, it is one of the best adult cartoons, period. That's right - Bob's Burgers is even better than The Simpsons. That's not to say that The Simpsons is a terrible show. The residents of Springfield deserve much credit for all those to come in their wake who have borrowed a lot from Matt Groening's work, but Bob's Burgers, in particular, perfected that which Groening put forth. 

If you're wondering why Bob's Burgers is the best, then you clearly don't watch the show. Bob's Burgers is almost always family friendly yet wickedly funny (something Family Guy or American Dad! might have you believe is impossible). The blend of innocence and maturity in the Belcher kids makes for surprising hilarity. Their classmates - voiced by people like Jenny Slate, Aziz Ansari, and Sarah Silverman, to name a few - provide all kinds of shenanigans.

And then, of course, there's the universally loved voice of H. Jon Benjamin as the titular character. If you aren't sure why the Belchers are better than The Simpsons, read on below! Check out the variety of reasons that explain how Bob's Burgers is superior to The Simpsons, and vote up the most logical arguments that have you nodding in agreement. 

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    The Belcher Marriage Subverts Sitcom Tropes

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    Unlike most sitcom marriages (animated or not), Bob and Linda Belcher are pretty much on level ground with one another. If anything, Linda lacks a bit of common sense, whereas most TV marriages are between a fat, dumb guy and a beautiful, intelligent woman. Virtually every episode of The Simpsons depicts the latter (assuming you find yellow women with tall blue hair attractive). 

    Bob's Burgers flips the sitcom marriage trope on its head by giving Bob and Tina a different kind of dynamic relationship. Bob isn't a simple, lazy idiot - he has ambitions to make his burger shop a success and tries to take responsibility seriously. He doesn't complain about working and aspires to make high-quality, delicious burgers. Linda isn't just a trophy wife who leaves viewers wondering why she got married to her husband in the first place. She has more than one dimension, driving certain episodes with her own initiatives. 

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    The Family Dynamics In Bob's Burgers Are Much More Satisfying

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    Both shows are about working class families. The Belcher family is a much more cohesive unit than the Simpsons, which lends itself to a lot more possibilities. There are episodes about Linda and Tina ("The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel"), Bob and Louise ("Spaghetti Western and Meatballs"), Gene and Bob ("Beefsquatch"), and more. Since the Belcher's have a more functional and happy family, they can be paired off in any way, and it will be satisfying.

    Given the various conflicts inherent in The Simpsons' characters - Homer and Bart's antagonistic relationship or the intellectual chasm between Homer and Lisa - they're often limited to one-dimensional storylines. That's not to say such episodes don't exist. For example, Homer and Lisa have a very sweet bonding opportunity in "Lost Our Lisa," but in general, the dynamics of the Simpson family are static.

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    There Isn't As Much Marital Strife In Bob's Burgers

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    Linda and Bob have a happy marriage. Homer and Marge often do not. Sure, like any couple, Linda and Bob hit some doldrums, but by and large, their marriage is solid. In Season 8 of The Simpsons, Marge and Homer actually got divorced because Homer felt Marge could do better (a rare moment of self-reflection for the typically oblivious Homer, the main cause for Marge's frequent unhappiness). 

    In Season 1 of Bob's Burgers, during "Weekend at Mort's," Bob and Linda have a tiff because Bob isn't as into date night as he should be. He realizes his shortcoming by the end of the episode, and his and Linda's marriage is stronger for it. That's about as extreme as their marital strife gets. While the depiction of marital problems in The Simpsons has its merits, Bob's Burgers presents a more satisfying depiction of such a relationship. Instead of a constant strain between two characters that threatens to tear a family apart, Bob's Burgers has parents who are trying to work out their problems to sustain a happy marriage. 

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    The Female Characters In Bob's Burgers Are More Prominent

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    In The Simpsons, the vast majority of the action is driven by male characters like Homer and Bart, and even a plurality of the Springfield residents are male. The reverse is arguably true of Bob's Burgers. Louise and Tina are fan favorites for vastly different reasons. There are no shortage of episodes that are driven by Tina's various love interests, or by Louise's devious schemes.

    Obviously, some Simpsons episodes are female driven, like "Lisa the Vegetarian," but that's unavoidable over the course of 30 seasons. However, these episodes have that obligatory feel captured best by Peter Griffin in "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven," when he breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience it's a Meg episode and viewers can switch the channel. Conversely, female-centric episodes of Bob's Burgers like "Two for Tina" or "Mother Daughter Laser Razor" are some of the best because they offer unique female characters who have depth, wit, and insight. 

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