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Linda's Most Linda Moments on Bob's Burgers

What is the best Linda episode or moment of Bob's Burgers? There’s a reason Eugene, Louise, and Tina are the way they are: Linda Belcher. The matriarch of Bob’s Burgers holds all of the oddball cards that run rampant in her children, as these Linda moments more than demonstrate. She’s sassy, irreverent, blunt, silly, and probably a little insane. Linda is also full of secrets that she lets out like a deranged Pez dispenser when everyone least expects it. 
Linda also loves to sing just about anything and everything. She knows her way around a burger pun and she loves her family. As sweet and unassuming as she may seem, Linda is no dummy and will step into a confrontation full on. Linda is an excellent role model, even if she does have an expensive porcelain doll habit and a possible alcohol problem. Most of all, Linda is unapologetic and true to herself.
Bob’s Burgers Linda moments remind viewers why she's one of the best characters on the show. John Roberts, who voices Linda, plays her with such enthusiasm and unmitigated weird mom joy, his performance as the character was nominated for an Emmy in 2015. Linda’s inspiration is Roberts’s own mother. “I’ve been imitating my mom since I was a kid, and she’s kind of that Brooklyn Italian Jewish mom that everyone knows,” Roberts has said. To which Linda would probably say, “All right!” 
Which Linda Belcher moment on Bob’s Burgers is the best? Let us know what you think by voting up your favorites. And don’t forget to sing it out loud.
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    She Dispenses Practical, Real World Advice

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    Linda’s ultimate gift to her children is her solid advice. Boy-crazy puberty-plagued Tina is lucky to have a mom so wise… especially when it comes to stripper shaving habits.
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    She Reveals Her Unique Relationship with Nature

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    Only Linda really knows what half of the things she says means. As witnessed by the look on Bob’s face during her bit about raccoons.
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    Drunk Linda Is Fun Linda

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    Linda likes her sambuca. Or really any drink. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell drunk Linda from sober Linda, though. 
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    Linda’s Favorite Phrase Is Definitely “All Right!”

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    Linda is a perpetual cheerleader of all things from her family to her favorite alley raccoon. This supercut captures all of those glorious moments. 

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