The Original Premise For Bob's Burgers Was Much Darker And Incredibly Disturbing

Bob's Burgers has evolved from a cartoon that wasn't discussed much beyond its cult following to a bona fide crossover hit. GIFs from the show are endlessly reblogged and fans love to share the numerous Bob's Burgers puns. The cast has even performed live table readings at sold-out fan events. But would the show have garnered such an adoring fanbase if it had stuck with its original premise? You may not know this, but Bob's Burgers was almost a very different show. 

The original Bob's Burgers concept had the Belcher family running the burger joint, but with one twist - they were cannibals. Not many people would draw comparisons between the Belchers and Hannibal, but if the original plot had gone forward, people would, no doubt, be compiling listicles about the cutest cannibals on TV. To learn more about the insane Bob's Burgers cannibalism that almost was, read on!