The Funniest Burger Puns on Bob's Burgers

The burger puns on Bob's Burgers are like Bart writing on the blackboard in The Simpsons opening. Bob’s recurring blackboard burger of the day puns give fans Easter eggs to collect. Some sound delicious (Sweet Home Avocado) while others not so much (The Roquefort Files Burger). Maybe you like Roquefort, though, so as Bob's chalkboard would say, To Err is Cumin.

Bob’s Burgers puns are Bob’s way of revealing something about himself while showing off his pun skills. His pun game is strong. Some of Bob’s Burgers puns are inspired by movie, TV, and music titles. Others are literary references, while others are plucked from the rich harvest of pop culture. But when mischievous Louise gets the chalk, she definitely shakes things up. She’s the one who changed Top Bun Burger to Top Butt Burger just to get her dad’s goat. When the burger of the day is more blunt or chock full of shock, that’s probably Louise’s handy work.

In real life, the writer of the episode has to come up with that episode’s punny burger names. There’s a burger pun for every day, so if an episode has three days in it, that’s three burger puns, but the whole writer's room can contribute. They come up with a bunch of puns based on the theme of the episode and then creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard chooses the best one(s).  

One rule Bouchard has for Bob’s Burgers puns: they must be a possibility. So no over the top jokey burger specials or something that is inedible. Sometimes they break that rule, but on the whole, Bob’s Burgers puns have to have a shot at ending up on a plate. There’s even a guy who wrote a Bob’s Burgers cookbook to recreate those daily specials.

Which Bob’s Burgers puns are the funniest? Vote up your favorite funny puns from the burger of the day board on Bob's Burgers!