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22 Obvious Reasons Tina Is the Best Part of Bob's Burgers

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There's a reason why Tina Belcher on Bob's Burgers is one of the most beloved cartoon characters in recent memory. She's not only the heart of the show, but she's basically the brain, the spine, and the kidneys as well. Tina is the funniest of Bob's progeny, and maybe even the most popular Belcher. She's an even more instrumental part of the show than the burger pun board

Without Tina, there would be no Bob's Burgers, and the world is a much better place because of the funny Tina Belcher moments that inspire the whole world to laugh, cry, and really think. Below is a list of the best Tina moments on Bob's Burgers, so take a look and revel in Tina's glory. And for more hilarious characters, be sure to also check out other shows like Bob's Burgers.

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    Her Curiosity Knows No Bounds

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    To be fair, that's probably the question everyone would all ask a mermaid if they ever had the opportunity to meet one. 
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    She Can Play It Cool When Needed

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    If you only ever remember one thing from Bob's Burgers, it should be Tina's "Everything's Fine" face.
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    She Knows Exactly What She Wants Out of a Birthday Party

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    If only every 13-year-old could be this efficient with party planning. 
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    Her Love for Jimmy Jr. Will Never Die

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    You can't just log over 3,000 fantasy hours in a fake relationship and not be forever smitten with the person. 
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