The Most Stomach-Churning Moments Of Body Horror Of The 2010s

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There's something about body horror that makes your skin crawl, possibly because nearly everyone watching can relate. There's even some gross-out body horror in beloved non-horror films. It's everywhere. While the 1980s largely defined body horror for modern audiences (e.g., Cronenberg's The Fly and Videodrome), there's a wide array of disgusting 2010s horror guaranteed to make you feel sick to your stomach.

Some could argue it's the realistic nature of these 2010s body horror scenes that make them so hard to watch - so it might help to remember that movie blood, even if there are gallons upon gallons on screen, is made of corn syrup, and that the human flesh everyone's chomping on is just plain old ham. Still, you should probably put your food down before you read through this list of the grossest moments from 2010s body horror movies.

  • Evan Is Literally Glued To His Seat In 'Saw 3D: The Final Chapter'
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    This is one of the most gruesome traps the Saw franchise has ever come up with, and that's saying a lot. Evan (Chester Bennington) is glued to his seat, and he has 30 seconds to tear himself - specifically, the skin on his back - away from the seat and pull a lever in order to stop the car from causing a chain reaction that will claim the lives of three of his friends at once.

    Ultimately, Evan fails. But it's not the passing of his friends that makes this scene so hard to watch - a squashed skull and torn limbs are pretty on par for the Saw films - it's the way the skin rips from Evan's back and stays permanently stuck to the seat.

  • What makes this scene so grueling is that we know it happened in real life. In 2003, Aron Ralston slipped and fell while hiking at Canyonlands National Park, knocking down a boulder, under which his right hand and wrist got trapped. After being trapped for five days and realizing the end was near, Aron had no choice but to use a dull pocketknife to cut through tendons and bones in order to finally free his arm.

    In the film, James Franco does a pretty good job of portraying the mania that naturally comes with a self-amputation.

  • Sarah Walker (Alex Essoe) is a down-on-her-luck actress... who unwittingly joins a demonic cult. After a pentagram-wearing casting director persuades her to "transform," Sarah's body starts to change. As if losing her hair and fingernails weren't bad enough, she crawls into a bathtub and starts to vomit masses of bloody maggot larvae.

    It's the retching, the gagging, and the writhing that drives this scene home - and makes your stomach hurt.

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    Jill Wakes Up Strapped To A Reverse Bear Trap In 'Saw 3D: The Final Chapter'

    Jill Wakes Up Strapped To A Reverse Bear Trap In 'Saw 3D: The Final Chapter'
    Photo: Lionsgate

    We know the premise: A bear trap is hooked to someone's upper and lower jaw. They have 30 seconds (or some other completely unreasonable amount of time) to find the key and stop the beartrap from ripping their face open. This trap makes several appearances in the Saw franchise, but Saw 3D is the only time we ever truly see it in action.

    Mark Hoffman, Jigsaw's successor, finally gets his revenge against Jill Tuck (who was ordered by Jigsaw to use this device to test Hoffman in Saw VI). The worst part: Hoffman locks the trap onto Jill's head while she's passed out, so when she finally wakes up, there are mere seconds before the timer goes off and her head goes splat.