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80 Incredible Animal Puns You Probably Missed On BoJack Horseman

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Animal puns on BoJack Horseman are so ubiquitous they often slide under the radar like a penguin across the floor of a publishing agency. While the Netflix original show is known for its subtle humor and hidden jokes, the main storylines take center stage and overshadow many hidden secrets. Viewers usually need to binge the series multiple times to catch all the background jokes and animal puns the writers generously packed in the show’s five seasons. One might argue that BoJack is, in fact, the most pun-heavy show ever made.

It doesn’t hurt that creator of BoJack, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, used to be called "Pun Robot" when in college. But while some puns are obvious, others are so well hidden in the background of an episode that you would need laser-sharp eyes to catch them all. To help you out, gathered here are the best BoJack Horseman animal puns. Browse, giggle, and vote up your faves. 

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    Meet Neal McBeal The Navy Seal, Only On MSNBSea

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    Bear Has Strong Opinions

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    *Crickets Chirp* During BoJack's Stand-up Routine

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    Beyonce Attends The Golden Globes With Jay Zebra

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