People Describe The Most Bone-Chilling Things They've Ever Witnessed

While it is certainly horrible to hear about dangerous events, it's even more bone-chilling to witness them firsthand. Scary stories with no logical explanation can be straight-up creepy, but they pale in comparison to some of the horrifying, real-life events experienced by folks of the internet.  

The contributors on Reddit are all too familiar with such horrific occasions. Some of them experienced petrifying paranormal occurrences while others narrowly escaped life-threatening situations. All of their stories, however, will make you relish a quiet, uneventful night at home.

  • This Neighbor Saw A Man Die In A Gruesome Chainsaw Accident

    From Redditor/u/Stowaway_throwaway_1

    "I was watching this as an interested neighbor.

    Tree fell in my neighbor's yard down a steep hill. It was a huge tree, five feet wide by 70 feet tall.

    Crane was pulling up on a piece of it while a grunt worker was chain-sawing the piece being pulled by the crane to separate it.

    The crane cable tension was tight on the piece he was cutting so when the worker cut through enough of it, the cable ripped half of it up the hill and the workers chainsaw went straight up into his head.

    I'll never forget him trying to walk a few steps and pull it out before he fell over dead with the saw still humming away."

  • This Security Guard Saw Two Murderers Stash A Gun

    From Redditor/u/Trollout88:

    "I used to do security, and I would catch a lot of young people having sex in cars in our parking lot. I watched a couple come running across the street and duck behind a storage unit we had. Figuring it was just kids going to have sex, I decided to do what I always did and scare the hell out of them.

    As I walk to the door to go out, I stop and decide to put the cameras on where I'll be so I can put it in the 'bloopers folder.' The 30 seconds it took to do that probably saved my life.

    The couple weren't having sex; they had just committed murder and were ditching their gun. If I had gone out when I originally planned I'd probably have been killed as well.

    Even scarier than that is the police didn't really look for the gun, I found it for them because they didn't look under some of the trash behind the storage unit.

    That was the second murder weapon I found for the police in six months."

  • This Kid Almost Slipped Out Of His Harness On A Rollercoaster

    From Redditor/u/amahler03:

    "When I was around eight I got on a rollercoaster at Six Flags in Houston. It had those foam covered bars that locked over your shoulders and a small seat to sit on, but the feet dangled. About a minute into the ride, it starts twisting. I slip halfway out of the seat and almost out of the seatbelt, that was supposed to be checked for security beforehand, but wasn't tight enough. I spent the entire ride digging my little nails into the foam padding on the shoulder bars while the edge of the seat was digging into my back. My mom was sitting next to me and noticed what was happening. All she could reach was my shirt and held onto that for the ride. I haven't been on a coaster since."

  • This Vet Heard The Most Tragic Screams Ever When A Family Lost A Beloved Dog

    From Redditor/u/rafraska

    "Vet here. I used to work emergency shifts at night, and one time a lady phoned in saying her dog was bleeding from his nose. I advised them to come down immediately, although they didn't sound super distressed about it (just a bit concerned). I go to unlock the practice and the car pulls up. The lady and her husband are there, lady comes out of the car and is smiling, saying thank you for me coming out... She then goes round to the boot where the dog was and lets out this soul-destroying scream when she opens the door.

    I ran over and all I could see was this poor spaniel in a sea of blood. Literally, the whole boot was covered in it. It turns out that a vessel in the dog's lungs had eroded (edit: likely cancer-related, unknown that the dog was seriously ill prior to this as it displayed no other signs of poor health aside from being a bit more lethargic) and it basically bled out through his respiratory tract on the drive over. The dog was already dead. I have never heard such tragic screams in my life, and it will haunt me for the rest of my days. I spent two hours with the poor family consoling them and reminiscing about their dog as he was in life, it was so sad. I have never been so disturbed by a single noise in my life, as I was when the woman started shrieking. It was such a shock."

  • This Patroller Heard Demonic Gibberish On His Radio

    From Redditor/u/pteawesome:

    "Creepiest moment? Patrolling an empty warehouse and my radio goes off and it's like a sort of demonic gibberish, and the lights shut off. And I remember thinking, 'Oh f*ck no; I ain't being in a horror movie tonight.' B-lined it for the door, would've had to leave anyway to use my phone to call in the power outage. Later figured it was probably an electrical issue of some sort, causing radio interference and a power outage. Worked alone during those hours so not a prank from someone else."

  • This Person Heard A Call For Help Broadcasted On The Radio

    From Redditor/u/50_Talking_Tree 

    "One time I was listening to some music on the radio late at night. Suddenly, the music stopped, and a lady shouted, 'Help... help... someone help me... please... help.' Then silence. After like five minutes the radio broadcast came back, like nothing happened. I guess it was police radio signals coming in, or something like that, but it freaked me out."