Tattoos 35 Meaningful Literary Tattoos Only True Bookworms Would Get  

Katherine Ripley
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When you get a tattoo, you want to make sure it's something that's meaningful to you. If you're a bookworm, nothing could be more meaningful than a quote or drawing from your favorite book. This list is full of tattoos for bookworms. There are tattoos about books and reading and tattoos of the best quotes and images from great works of literature. If you're looking for book tattoo ideas, this list has got you covered.

These book tattoos draw from a wide variety of literary works. Everything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings and Shakespeare to Jane Austen is represented. You'll find your favorite children's books and books you discovered in adulthood. Would you get any of these tattoos for readers? Click through this list of book tattoo pictures and decide for yourself.

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This Mischievous Harry Potter Quote

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This Imaginative Depiction of Alice in Wonderland

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This Sentence That Captures the Wonder of Reading


Next tattoo for sure, just not a big fan of the placement, but we'll see. �� #bookworm #ihavelivedathousandlives #literarytattoos

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