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The Best Theodore Roosevelt Books

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List of best books about Theodore Roosevelt, including jacket cover images when available. All these popular books on Theodore Roosevelt are sorted by popularity, so the highest rated books are at the top of the list. This well-researched Theodore Roosevelt bibliography includes out-of-print titles and generally contains the most popular, famous, or otherwise notable books - fiction or non-fiction - about Theodore Roosevelt. If you're looking for a list of top books on Teddy Roosevelt then you're in the right place.

The list you're viewing has a variety of books, like The Republican Roosevelt and The three Roosevelts, in it. You should be able to answer the question, "What are the best books about Theodore Roosevelt?" after checking out this list.

This greatest Theodore Roosevelt book list contains various bits of information, such as the author's names and what genre the books fall under. Most of these Theodore Roosevelt books can be bought on Amazon with one easy click.