Books That Have Been Banned In Prisons

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It's a proven fact that cultivating literacy has many rehabilitative advantages, so prisoners reading books should be a good thing. However, there is a ton of literature you can't read in prison. The Federal Bureau of Prisons regulations states that books can be rejected when sent to a prisoner if the content poses a threat to the security of an institution or if the book can facilitate criminal activity. So if a book contains directions on how to make a bomb or a map outlining the layout of a particular prison, chances are that prisons will not allow the inmate to have the book. 

But many institutions seem to take the rules a bit further and censor materials far beyond the specific guidelines, adding new books to the banned list on a frequent basis. Some correctional facilities don't allow prisoners to receive any books at all. So what are the books you can read in prison? Books banned in prisons differ from state to state, with some being much more strict than others. 

The following anthology of books has been banned in prisons, and some of the titles may seem surprising and downright ridiculous. Continue reading to learn more about why certain books are banned in prison.